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Good Shepherd Montessori School Library
Good Shepherd Montessori School has a dedicated library with thousands of nonfiction and fiction titles available for students. Materials in the library are chosen to support and enrich the Montessori curriculum and instruction objectives and to provide students with a variety of choices for their own reading pleasure. The managing librarian holds an MLS degree.

In keeping with Montessori philosophy, the browsing and check-out procedures encourage students to be self-directed learners. The volunteer librarians who work with the student avoid placing barriers between the students and resources, although librarians do make recommendations concerning the age appropriateness of a text. As always, we recommend that parents remain aware of what their children are reading, and maintain an on-going dialogue about what is appropriate.

Children may borrow up to two books at at time from the library for a two-week period. The books must remain on school property for use in the classrooms. Parents may take home the books they borrow from the “Parent Resources” section of the library for a two-week period.
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